Companies that are now in the
Szentes Industrial park
(reference list)

KONTAVILL CO., member of French Legrand Group, 100 % French ownership, manufactures electronic units and electric wiring accessories.

HUNGERIT CO., a German, French, Hungarian joint venture company. Its activity includes the whole scale of poultry growing and processing.

ÁRPÁD CO-OPERATIVE, 100 % Hungarian owned company, greenhouse and plastic tent based plant cultivation, vegetable growing.

KERLICHT Ltd., (German, Hungarian) manufactures industrial ceramics.

SZE-MA Ltd., (Hungarian) brick and tile production.

NATURFA Ltd., (Hungarian) furniture production.

GANZ Ltd., (Hungarian) production of precision welded steel structures, vehicle components, container tanks.

FÉMTECHNIKA Ltd., (Hungarian) steel processing, production of steel posts.

IMT FORTIS Ltd., (Hungarian) production of small size wall bricks.


Business features in 1998


7 billion HUFs

Production value

22 billion HUFs

Export proportion

32 %

Any further investors are warmly
welcomed at our free land-areas in the Industrial Park.

Visit us and stay with us!

Education and labour

The Szentes region is 6th out of the 20 regions of Hungary regarding per capita GDP. At the same time it is the last one when taking account of foreign investment per person.

This clearly shows that in a prosperous business environment one may count on a well-educated and dynamic labour force.

Roughly 6,000 students study at the schools of the Town. Several hundred adults take part in various forms of training courses.

Major secondary schools:

Pollák Antal Secondary School of Electronics
- industrial electronics and precision-mechanics branches
- information technology and computer sciences
  (hardware orientated) branches

Boros Sámuel Secondary School of Accounting
- bank, financial and book keeping administrator branch
- typist, shorthand writing and foreign language typist branch
- computer sciences (software orientated) and IT
- healthcare and social worker branch

Bartha János Secondary School of Agriculture
- floriculture gardener branch
- common gardener branch
- poultry processing branch

Zsoldos Ferenc Secondary School
- branches in 22 areas of metal processing, light industry
  and construction fields
- sales and shop assistant and shop manager branch

Horváth Mihály Secondary Grammar School
- general human and classical branch
- foreign languages education

Any kind of university and college faculties can be found in a 50 kilometres circle of the Town.

Several adult training firms are present in the Town.



Public utilities that are available in the area of the Industrial Park:

  • Electricity
  • Drinking water
  • Sewage drainage and cleaning
  • Disposal of rain water
  • Public roads
  • Industrial railway
  • Natural gas
  • Telecommunication facilities

Other services:

  • Banks, full scope of banking services
  • Insurance companies, full scope of insurance services
  • Full service customs office
  • Warehouses, cold-storage plants
  • Security services
  • Financial and business consultant firms
  • Forwarders and crane suppliers
  • Health institutes, a hospital with 600 beds
  • Hotel facilities, camping, restaurants
  • Cultural and sport facilities
  • Thermal bath and swimming pools

Szentes Town

Its administrational area:

350 km2


32.500 fõ

Inhabitants in the whole Szentes region:

50.000 fõ


2.073 db


16.000 fõ

Unemployment ratio:

 8 %


Roads: Szentes is located 150 kms south of Budapest, 35 kms from M5 (E75) highway.

Railroad: It is in the north-south and east-west crossing point. The railway station is next to the Industrial park.

Harbour: There is a port on the River Tisza, 5 kms from the Industrial Park.

Airport: The local airport may be used for small cargo and passenger traffic or for sport aeroplanes.

Broadcasting tower: a more than 200 metre tall broadcasting tower, for TV and radio program broadcasting. Various channels provide excellent advertising facilities.

Szentes Industrial Park

Total land surface:120 hectares

  • Environmental conditions are good, there is not any noise-, air-, soil-, water- or radioactive pollution. Any entity going to settle in the park shall preserve this level of environment.
  • There is 45 hectares free land-surface to use, at least 1 hectare shall be used up by each settler, where
  • 30 % of the used up area shall be left for grass
  • 60 % allowed for buildings
  • All public utilities are available at the lot boundaries.
  • For newly established businesses tax reimbursement is provided.

Our address is:

Polgármesteri Hivatal (Mayor's Office)
Hungary - 6600, Szentes
Kossuth tér 6.
Tel: (+36)63-311-190
Fax: (+36)63-313-836